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I just came across this where I used Hubpages to promote Amazon's product by purely writing review on the product. In less than 20 hours, my review page was in the first 10 search result while I put in my targeted keywords. Amazing this can be done within a day and it is hard to do it in conventional way. Using this way is free and easy, I would highly recommended this to all of you other than autopost in Blog. Something worth a try.

How to use to link with Amazon Affiliate Program

1) Sign up and go to Affiliate settings, you will be able to see some of these settings:
- ebay
- Amazon
- Analytics
- Google Affiliate
- And some other settings

2) Put in your respective Affiliate ID and you are set to go and sell anything stated in Affiliate Settings.

3) Start looking for niche keyword or hunt through Google Trend to check for what is the hottest keywords, grab the idea and search the product from Amazon, copy and restructure the product's reviews as well as customer feedback into your Hubpages, published it and basically you are done.

4) Continue this on daily basis for some other products and I'm sure that you will see result very fast.

Something free and worth to try. I've tried it and I have result too, spend 30min to 40min daily on Hubpages and I'm sure you will see result too.

Good Luck

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