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Tips for Amazon Affiliate to prepare the landing pages

Having hard time to prepare your sale page to promote Amazon stuffs? I have some tips which I think is very useful from my passed experiences.


Steps to setup Good Landing Page for Amazon Associate Program

1) Always using the images that provided by Amazon. Those are more high quality images that prepare by Amazon team. While I'm using this, I have a very good conversion rate.

2) Using the button that provided by Amazon too, like buy now and etc. While setting up the landing page, you need to be as professional as possible.

3) Add some your own component like youtube video, Yahoo Answer and etc to make your side stands out if compare with others.

4) Remember to utilize your single space of your landing page, fill up as much as possible and do not leave any blank area. If you cannot fill up the rest, remember to pull out some other related products to the same page too.


Ideas to setup different campaigns for Amazon's products

5) Always remember the session requirements like Christmas and New Years, during that time, try to promote as many gift pack as possible. During this time, people tense to find gift at the shortest time frame. You need to capture visitor attention as fast as possible when they landing to your landing page.

6) If you can, give some free gift that people that bought from your link too, like small gift and don't need to be very expensive. That will help you to keep your customer too.

Hopefully this is useful to you all. Thanks

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