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Setup Wordpress Blog to sell Amazon Product by write review (Part 2)

On part 1, we were stopped at getting your site approved by Amazon associate program. This part, we will continue from there:


How can I get approval as Affiliate from Amazon

1) Assumed that you have get the approval mail from Amazon.

2) The next is login into Amazon Affiliate link and get your affiliate id, write down some where and sign out from Amazon.


How can I setup Auto Datafeed that pull data from Amazon

3) The next is to setup auto datafeed from Amazon where your can fetch the product description automatically from Amazon to your blog by providing keywords only.

4) Go to Google.com to find "Amazon Autoposter". Look for a site call http://lunaticstudios.com/software/wp-amazon-autoposter/ and download the free version zip file called amazonautoposter.zip to your local drive.

5) Extract the zip file to you local drive and FTP the amazonautoposter.php (it might called a different filename), but there will only be only one .php file and upload into hosting a folder called /wp-contents/plugin.

6) Once that done, login to wordpress admin control panel and activate the plugin.

7) Once activated the plugin, the you need to go to setting inside Wordpress Control panel and look for Amazon Autoposter.

8) Once you click on it, you will bring to a screen to enter your Amazon ID from step 2 which your have wrote down earlier and click save.

9) Next is to key in the keyword on the items that you want to promote, like "Iphone", select the number of the post being published into your blog, usually I put one per day to publish for new post.

10) Click post to continue, what it does was to fetch the contents from Amazon to your blog (due to free version, it only allow fetching up to 16 posts) and schedule it to publish a post on a daily basis. Depending the number that you configure in step 9.

11) Once that done, start to promote your site to major search engine, PPC and forum to get the traffic to your site.

That's is, you are done and you will need to repeat steps 9 and 10 on daily basis to keep promoting the new product that you wanted to promote via Amazon.

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