Writing Amazon Products Review via Blog (Part 1)

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Setup Wordpress Blog to sell Amazon Product by write review (Part 1)

Blog shopping getting hottest now, a lot of people start to using Blog as a shopping media now which they called "Blog Shopping". Below are some of the tips that using Blog to Sell Amazon's Products.

How to install Wordpress Blog into our web hosting


In this case, I will assumed that you already have a domain name and hosting in place. Let's get started now:

1) Login into your cpanel to active the Wordpress via Fantastico De Luxe (A smiling face), throughout the activation process, you will ask to key in the name of your blog, admin username and password, Blog description and etc. Note: This description can be changed in the later stage if you want to.

2) One that done, you can login to the admin panel via http://www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin using the admin username and password that you have key in at step 1.

3) Go to Google and find "Free Wordpress Theme" and you will see a lot of the free theme, look for one that you like the most, download, unzip and ftp (File Transfer) over to your wp_contents/theme folder. Activated using wp-admin, go to theme and select the theme that you have installed. You will see the theme if installed it correctly.

4) Try to write 3 to 4 articles and post it into your blog. This is a pre-requisite before you apply for Amazon ID.

5) Next is to go to Amazon and apply the associate program. Amazon staff will review your site before they approved your application. That's why we need to put on some contents before we apply the Amazon Associate Program.

6) Wait for 1 or 2 days, you will get a welcome mail from Amazon.

Please stay tune on Part 2 tips where how to post your Amazon review and sell it.

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