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Setup Wordpress Blog to sell Amazon Product by using Amazon DataFeed

I've personally tried this out where I've have finally see some result and that's the reason I'm high recommended to try Wordpress Amazon DataFeed Plugin yourself. Is very similar to the Wordpress Amazon Autopost Plugin that I've wrote on earlier. The steps are somewhat the same with Amazon Autopost Plugin, except this plugin you need to download from here WP Robot. If you are going for free version, you are allow to sell Clickbank Product only. The Amazon product is a paid version.

Once you have plugin downloaded, please extract the whole folder and upload into your hosting, find a folder called \wp-contents\plugin, login into your WP admin and configure it.

But before your configure, make sure you login to Amazon to get the affiliate id where we need that id to be filled into WP Robot Option area, under Amazon Affiliate ID. Get the Amazon Affiliate ID and fill into that field, save the option and proceed.

The next is to go to WP Robot --> WP Robot to add in the keyword of the product that you want to promote. Key in the keywords that you want to promote, the frequency of the post to post into your blog and click add keyword. Basically you are done.

You can add as many products as possible and all you need to do is to set the frequency that you want your blog to be posted. My advise is 1 keyword 1 product per day. Out of so many combination, these works the most for me.


What can I sell from Amazon?

Thinking of what product to sell? Simple, just go to Amazon and check out for what is the hottest product and using the same keywords to find the same product and post it on your blog. Remember to come back on weekly basis to ensure that you have enough blog to post in order to keep your blog alive.

Out of so many ways that I've tried out, this is the best and easy way that I want to said.

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