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Useful Amazon Affiliate Tips for Newbie Marketer

Below are some of the Amazon Affiliate tips that I have collected over the time. Some I found are useful, please spend some time to read and it will help you to build your Amazon Affiliate income:

1) Amazon Affilaite also have something that similar to Adsense, if you site has enough traffic then it will be good to join this.

2) Concentrate on the other category of product other than electronic product due to the facts that Amazon has fixed the commission at 4% of each transaction.

3) Select the products or ads that related to your contents. Is easy to sell something that related to your contents rather than you post something that not related to your site which will having negative impression to you visitor.

4) Always go to Performance Payment Plan where it allow you to earn from 4% to 8.5%, which is higher is compare to classic payment at 4% flat rate.

5) Try to use Amazon Ad Rotator for your ads space, it will help your site look different each time the visitor visit your site.

6) My advise is do not use the boxes and banner to often as they are always being ignore by visitor. Try using text link type ads which I have higher conversion rate.

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