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Little Advise to all Amazon Affiliates

Why until today, we still have a lot of affiliates that cannot success in Amazon affiliate program, I did some research and below are some of my conclusions:

1) Not enough Traffic to your site. Traffic is the key factor for us to success in Amazon Affiliate Program, remember to get more traffic in order to success in Amazon Affiliate Program. Try to participate more in Forum and Blog, you will get a lot of free traffic if you are doing the right way.

2) Relation in between your site and the product that you want to sell. The products and the contents must be related to what you want to promote. If you are a visitor, will you consider to buy anything that not related to what you are looking for?

3) Review of the customer is very important too, get as much as possible with regards to the customer purchased. Amazon did provide a lot of customer feedback, get all them into your website as testimonial. Doing this, I can ensure that you already get some good impression from your customer before they even proceed to read more.

4) Already use words like Special discounts or Super Sell to grab attention of your visitor. People like discounts and they are tense to buy it more if is good discounts. Remember to capture your customer attention using those words.

5) Try to design your own landing page or add some words into it, do you copy 100% from Amazon while you prepare the page. 99% of the people are doing the same, so you need to be that 1% that stand outstanding.

Considered those 5 points and practice using these tips, you will see the result soon.

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