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Why Affiliate Program?

If you want to make a good money using Internet Marketing, I think most common way will be selling other people product and do a earning from there; usually 50% of the selling product price will be your earning commission. Sound cool, right? This is what we called Affiliate Program or Associate Program.

Affiliate efforts are Win Win situation where product owner and you are getting the money from the following efforts:

Product Owner

  • Earning money because of his good product and sharing.
  • One time work for unlimited income as long as the product is still in the market for sale
  • Tans of affiliate / associate helping the owner to sale the product in order to reach maximum exposes
  • Free promotion for his product where the entire Associate / Affiliate is helping him to advertise for free
  • Able to keep a solid base of network so that the owner can create multiple product and leverage on the same group of Associate / Affiliate to promote and sell the products

Affiliate / Associate

  • Spending minimum time to start to sell one product. At the moment is  working, it will be automated.
  • Can sell multiple products to archive stream of multiple income for multiple products.
  • As long as selling is done, all the support or administration work will be covered by owner.
  • Leverage on the automation tools to automate the selling process, so that can spend some quality time with family or with love ones.
  • Keep close relationship with the owner so that can leverage on the knowledge of the owner and start up with some Joint venture Product, image not only one owner but is a group of Product owner. With this networking, you will be to earn a potential of Wealth from Internet marketing.

In the market now, we have tans of Affiliate Sites where you can start off with the following:

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